Going Home!!

I am so excited that we are heading home to Texas!  I will write some longer posts once we get home as I will finally be back to my own laptop.  We have spent tons of time exploring Guangzhou, going to the zoo, and finding local food to eat. We had an extra day in Hong Kong because airfare to fly home yesterday (Saturday) was almost twice as expensive as waiting till today (Sunday). We made the most of it, as Hong Kong is a beautiful city. We ride the tram to the Peak, took the ferry across to Kowloon during the day and again at night, rode a double decker electric trolley around town a couple of times, and ate some yummy food.  

The kids are doing ok.  Daniel is testing us every chance he gets. I think it will be much better with him once we get home.  Eden has mastered a few English phrases, including “Daniel, no!”  For the most part, things have been going fine with them.  

I am so ready to get home and have our family all together again soon!!  I can’t wait to get my hands on my little boys! I’ve missed everyone so much!!

IMG_20160729_223600734Here are the kids at the top of Victoria’s Peak

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